Ocean Maya Royale

I interrupt your wedding planning to take you on a trip to Mexico. Well not really, but if you want to go, my passport is ready.

I recently took a trip with my husband and a few friends to Mexico to celebrate my 30th, my bestie getting her Masters degree, and to get out of a Maryland winter for a few days.

After much researching we decided on Ocean Maya Royale in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Our requirements were adults only, all inclusive, and pool bar (we really aren’t that picky).

The flight from Dulles to Cancun was a little over 3 hours and the drive to the resort was under a half hour. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted with a drink and a welcome from a nice resort representative who tries to get you to upgrade, trust me, you don’t need to do it .

There are two big pools (the party pool and the quiet “hang over” pool), a pool bar, volleyball courts, lawn games, 5 restaurants, a spa, gym, and beach. The beach itself is very murky and small but if you can snag a cabana on the lower beach it is heavenly. Making up for the small beach is a 10 minute walk to a lagoon. Yes, a glorious teal lagoon that you can jump in and ride the current for about 30 seconds.

The food was actually quite good. Breakfast is a huge buffet spread and lunch has the option of buffet or snack bar (meh) . Dinner options are buffet, hibachi (entertaining and delicious but we told them how they should invest in some yum-yum sauce) , Italian which has a great view, and a romantic date optional/dressier restaurant.  Room service is pretty limited with the options of “sandwich”, pizza, or hamburger.

For cocktails, there is a 24-7 lobby bar, pool bar, and roaming waitresses. The mojitos and dirty monkeys were my personal fav.

There is nightly entertainment and a spa. My husband and I got a couples massage on the beach, but you will hear Journey blasting from the party pool  during it which I mean may be your thing. Maria, my masseuse was an angel sent from above.

Also tons of wildlife and coatis/mexican racoons, iguanas are hanging out and trying to get a chicken wing when they can.

The group’s consensus on favorite activity was the FOAM PARTY. For all the locals imagine Ocean City’s H20 but way better and you are in a pool and not 14.

Overall the trip was amazing and I would definitely recommend it for a honeymoon, couples getaway, or a trip with a group of friends.

12715359_10102744331095394_4888862621147608408_nLagoon 12715424_10205646981353661_269955235594086016_n 12717834_10205653822804693_1089534354243757688_n 12734250_10205653824124726_878169527245462085_n
12745644_10205653820884645_5331174423334892469_n IMG_4064 IMG_4074
IMG_4090 IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4104 IMG_4160 mexico 12794586_10100167858422679_4000226059670826395_n IMG_4124





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