Wedding Day Emergency Kit

emergency kitFor every single wedding & event I coordinate, I always bring my Mary Poppins Bag  emergency kit. It has been helpful in situations ranging from a bridal updo needing bobby pins to “macguyvering” boutonnieres for a groomsmen.


The kit contains-

*Alcohol wipes- for getting rid of the gunk from stickers left on decor items and vases.

*First aid kit

*Striker lighters

*Safety pins



*White chalk- for fixing chalkboards or covering stains on the bridal gown.

*Bobby pins


*Pens & pencils – Lots of these, and nice ones in case the one for the guest book goes missing.

*Rubber bands

*Hair ties

*Antibacterial gel

*Tide to go pens

*Mini sewing kit

*Fashion tape


*Nail File


*Bug spray

*Body spray / Spray deodorant

*Ribbons in various colors, and ones matching the event theme

*Clear nail polish


*Corsage pins

*A light bulb wrapped in a white napkin- I bring this for Jewish weddings, just in case they need a back up for the glass to be stomped at the ceremony.

*Phone charger


Bonus items for myself-

My S’well water bottle, granola bars & snacks, a cross body bag, blazer, dress with pockets, and comfy shoes (I love my bride approved lace Toms and my Sam Edelmans)

Leah Rhianne Photography
Leah Rhianne Photography




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