Tips for having Sparklers at your Wedding

By Katie Fearson

After celebrating with friends and family, a great way to give guests a lasting impression is a sparkler send-off!

Here are a few tips in having a picture perfect sparkler send-off!

  • Make sure to check with the venue that sparklers are allowed.
  • Make sure that guests are made aware of a time and place. This could be done with a cute sign and/or with a verbal announcement from the DJ.Signs can be printed or brought online from sites like Etsy.

Send-off sign

  • Make sure the time you chose is not the reception’s end time. You want to be able to enjoy it, as well as give your photographer time to capture the moment.
  • Storing the sparklers beforehand is important in insuring that the sparklers will light. Keeping them in a cool and dry place is the best.
  • Always provide enough matches or the long striker lighters.
  • Delegating a few people to be there to help get the sparklers lit may be a good idea.
  • Make sure to provide a few places for guests to put out the sparklers. The best option would be two or three metal buckets filled with sand.

With these few tips and tricks, your sparkler send-off should be a success!!

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