Tipping your Wedding Vendors

Intern Katie’s first blog post!

Etiquette on Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tipping your wedding vendors can be a tricky, and somewhat confusing tasks. Always remember tips are never obligatory―they are supposed to be expressions of appreciation for especially good service.

They are so many articles and posts about the proper etiquette for vendor tipping; this post is all that combined in one.

Tipping vendors should not be stressful. Once you decide who and how much, divide cash into necessary envelopes, write who they are for and you’re done.  Most tips should be handed out the day of the wedding, so it’s wise to hand the job over to someone else for the day. Give your envelopes to your wedding coordinator and they will know when to deliver them.

Each and every vendor played a part in making your wedding day special. Saying thank you, a generous tip, a handwritten note, even a positive online review are all ways to show your appreciation for everything they did to help make your special day perfect.



1939801_10203515009575577_5160299081434628814_n                                                        Photo by Annabelle Dando Photography

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