My Vegas Wedding with Elvis

Actually it was a vow renewal. The real deal is pictured below.

73294_545105118319_2606257_nI went to Wedding MBA this past fall and my husband joined me because he is not one to pass up a trip to Vegas. Since I am a wedding planner I figured it would be fun to have a cheesy Vegas vow renewal with Elvis.

There are tons of different chapels in Vegas some with drive-thru ceremony services, or the option to have Elvira or “Michael Jordan” officiate the wedding.

We decided on Graceland Chapel  where Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus got married and it was the chapel in the films “When Fools Rush In” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” . At the chapel there is a gift shop for wedding gear and souvenirs, my husband Scott bought himself a Graceland Chapel tuxedo t-shirt for the occasion. It is a busy chapel with weddings and renewals scheduled every 15 minutes.

elvis 1

For the ceremony the lovely ladies of Nolo Weddings and Events were my “bridesmaids” and Elvis escorted me down the aisle singing along the way. Elvis then switched to the role of officiant where we recited the “Elvis vows”  sealed with a kiss (to my husband, not Elvis) then there was an Elvis dance party complete with a photographer.  The renewal wrapped up in 15 minutes.

Viva Las Vegas!

elvis 2 elvis

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