Rebecca & Devin Stone Manor Country Club

It was an absolute delight working with Devin and Rebecca and seeing their vision of a mix of romance and whimsy with a dash of rock and roll come to life for their wedding day.
After a traditional Catholic ceremony the Bride and Groom made a pit stop at a tattoo parlor in Downtown Frederick to get matching heart tattoos on their ring fingers, before heading to their reception at Stone Manor Country Club. Special touches included; a trail mix bar, a buffet table from Cozyberry Designs for the assortment of pies and wedding cake, a guest book in the form of  a wooden cutout of Maryland that the father of the bride made himself, vintage books, mirrors and vases the bride collected for her centerpieces, a seating chart on a vintage door from XOXO Vintage Rental, and live music from the New Monopoly band.
The Bride says;
” We met over 10 years ago and were friends through high school.  We lost touch after high school while I was away at school in North Carolina.  We reconnected after I moved home from college.  After many starbucks hang outs and conversations in the aisles of Barnes and Noble we went on our first official date and have been together ever since.
What we loved most about our wedding was celebrating and being with all of our family and friends. Seeing all the little details and projects come together was also special.  We spent a lot of time collecting old mirrors, books and vases and it was really amazing to see our vision come to life, especially with the help of our fabulous wedding planner.”
A special thank you to Michael Stavrinos Photography! As you can see his photos are amazing and he is a pleasure to work with!
Transportation: Martin’s Sedans
Bride’s & MOB’s Hair & Make Up : Sarah Lamb of Amie Decker Beauty
Vintage Door Seating Chart: XOXO Vintage Rentals
Dessert Buffet: Cozyberry Designs
Wedding Gown: Posh Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade
Wedding Planning: Rose Gold Events & Styling
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